Rogues Gallery

Just some of the frankly AWESOME products we’ve had at our fairs since 2015.  Here’s some early ones.designheart-rectangle

Mugs by What Kate Loves.


Pendant by  Nimanoma.  Bangles by Melodies.  Ties by Catkin Jane.  Silver necklace by Alison Young Jewellery.


Lampshade by Rehash Panache.  Fabric Boxes by CherryPeg.  Glass Dish by Glassprimitif.


Guitar Tshirt by Guitar Geekery.  Cat Tshirt by Tomoto.  Letter Tshirt by FontNotFound.

Applying for Design@HEART

One of the hardest jobs of organising a fair is the selection process.  We’ve been really lucky since we started out in 2015 in getting really high quality stalls.  We obviously want to keep it that way!  But how do we choose?


Unless we’re already familiar with your work,  selection mostly hinges on the photographs you send with your application.  That means that they have to be of really good quality.  We need to be able to use them in publicity as well as the selection process.  A quick snap with your phone usually won’t do the trick!


Your Online Presence

We also have a look at your website, because this gives us a fuller picture of your work, showing it in situ and giving us an idea of your brand personality.  So make sure you include all your online presence on your application so we don’t have to go hunting on search engines to find you!

A Coherent Collection

We’re looking for a coherent collection of products that have a clear design aesthetic. We are aware that when makers first start out, they often try lots of different products.  We’ve all done that!  But it can also be a bit of a jumble and confusing for customers.  When we select, we’re looking not just at individual products but the whole collection or brand.


Your Price Point

We know our customers (see below).  They aren’t expecting cheap as chips.  But nor are they spending hundreds of pounds on items.  A stallholder may want to exhibit some “aspiration” pieces of work, and that is absolutely fine, but we’d be looking for some more affordable pieces in the collection too.


Our Customers

Finally, we select for our audience.  We have been participating in fairs in Headingley since 2012 and although we get new people every time, we kind of know our customers.  We pretty much know what they like.  That doesn’t mean we only show them the same things time after time.  We like to push their boundaries, and show them new things at each fair.  But there are some things that we know they won’t be interested in.  And we won’t take your money if we think you don’t stand a chance of selling anything.


Design at heart

Hello 2017!

Well hello there, and a Happy New Year to you all!

Now the Christmas break is over and I’m back at my desk, I can reveal plans for 2017.

You’ll see that we’ve had a bit of a rebrand.  Well, I say “a bit” – it’s actually quite a lot.  In discussion with Headingley HEART, we’ve decided to go all out and properly call ourselves Design@HEART.  You’ll see the difference on the Facebook page, and on Twitter, and of course here on our brand spanking new website.

Lots of you asked if there is going to be another Christmas fair this year, and I can now firmly say that there is. We’re going to have just the one at the beginning of December, and it’s going to be a bumper one.  So, if you’re being super organised, I’ve got the application forms already on line and you can get applying.

I’ll be keeping everyone posted with any new developments, but one thing that’s been bugging me is ….. should we have a summer fair too?  Let me know what you think. If I get a resounding YES in the next couple of weeks, I’ll get the venue booked.

Becky x