Anita Carter

Back in November, one of our newcomers to Design@HEART really impressed us with her gorgeous work.  We are hoping she’ll be back again next year!

Anita Carter is a desiger and maker of copper artworks, producing beautiful intricate mini-sculptures under the name of Silvery Moon.

Here’s what she has to say about her work:

I am a designer and maker of copper artworks.

Influenced by my love of nature, each artwork is individually handmade in my home studio in Leeds.

Each design is sketched, drawn, then hand-cut and assembled using copper sheet, copper wire and vintage keys then finished with a patination and varnish.

Copper is an excellent, versatile medium to work with and offers endless design opportunities. Going forward it is my intention to produce larger showpieces, scenes encompassing a variety of animals.

I’ve been making artworks for two years now and sell my designs at events such as design-led craft fairs, county show and stately homes. Selling my work at such events is not only enjoyable as one meets like-minded designers offering a variety of unique handcrafted products but is also beneficial as people who appreciate quality and originality visit and purchase. I also handle an increasing number of commissions.

Previously I enjoyed a long career in advertising and marketing in London and Manchester eventually retiring from this to open a gallery in North Yorkshire showcasing the work of British designers. Poor health five years later led to a change in direction and meant having to work from home. I had always loved metal work art in sculpture and decorative pieces both in their form and feel so working with copper became a practical and attractive option.

After much research and experimentation, the design of copper artworks developed and evolved into what they are today with new designs always forming for the future.


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