Art & Craft Supplies Jumble Sale

We’re having a Jumble Sale! We’ve had sales like this before and they have been enormously popular and great fun. This time we’re doing it in conjunction with HEARTFEST – a weekend of music and art and craft at Headingley HEART.

There’ll be piles of second hand art and craft material from the cupboards of local artists and crafters and a chance to grab yourself a bargain. Whether you’re looking for a new hobby, need materials for a new project, or just like a good rummage through haberdashery (and who doesn’t?), this sale is for you.

We have no idea what our stallholders are hiding away in cupboards, attics and under the bed, but the sorts of things you might find at the jumble sale are: fabric, threads, yarn, ribbon, paint, ink, pencils, pens, art and craft tools and equipment, jewellery findings, beads, stationery, packaging, storage, tape and stickers, second hand art and craft books, unused kits.

And if you have too much craft stash, (and which of us doesn’t?) you can now book a stall and come along and sell some of it off. Free up some shelves, go home with a bit of cash. And some new stash. Oops, I didn’t say that. No, the idea is to DECLUTTER! Apply now, applications close at the end of March.

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