Christmas Art & Craft Fair Saturday 13th November 2021

Applications are now closed

Apply for our November 2021 Fair

Please read all the information below and our Terms and Conditions before applying.

This fair is for designer-makers and artists who design and make all their products. Stalls selling mass produced or bought in goods will not be considered. Please see our Terms for more information. Stall fees are £32 and £37, plus £5 if you need to hire a table. See below for stall option details.

To apply you will need to fill in the form in the link below and send 3 good quality photographs of your work to Your photos are an important part of the application form, and should you get a place, will also be used in publicity. See further information of photographs below. If you have had a stall with us previously, we still need your application and photographs for up to date information and because in accordance with data protection rules we do not hold on to applicants’ information.

Stall options: Stalls are in the hall and the smaller room. All spaces are brightly lit, easily accessible, clearly signposted and customers visit all the spaces. If you are happy to be in the smaller room the fee is a reduced rate of £32 (plus £5 table hire if you need it). There are however only 7 places for this room. Please indicate if you’d like to be considered for this room if space is available. Rates for the hall are £37 (plus £5 table hire if required). Chairs will be provided in all spaces.Stall fees are £32 and £37, plus £5 if you need to hire a table.

Photographs If you are selected, the photographs you submit will be used in publicity for the fair. They need to be either staged in the style of your own branding, or with a clean white background. Lighting should be good, focus crisp, and resolution high. The quality of photograph is important: it not only shows your product off at it’s best, but also goes towards to overall brand of Design@HEART. It is an important part of your application.

The selection process We are looking for high quality, interesting, unique products and art. We particularly look for brands which have a coherent theme, and excellent presentation with a good internet presence, but we also consider newcomers if we feel your products would be a good fit for the fair. We have a good understanding of our customer base and select stalls that we feel will interest them. If you are not selected it may be that while we like your work, you may not be right for this particular venue and fair. Please do bear in mind that for anyone we don’t already know, we are going soley on what you submit as your application. Good quality photographs, well thought out descriptions, a good artist statement, and your websites and social media are all taken into consideration.

Closing date for applications is 21st August 2021. Should you be successful, you will be informed soon after that date and will be invoiced shortly after too. Your place will not be secured without payment. If you haven’t paid within the time stated on the invoice, your place may be offered to someone else on our waiting list.

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