Design At HEART Terms and Conditions


  1. Design@HEART is run by Rebecca (Becky) Moore trading as Design At HEART
  2. Cost of stalls varies from event to event.  Please check the individual event details.  You will be invoiced once your application has been accepted.  Your place at the fair will not be secure until you have paid your fee.  Refunds will only be given with  28 days or more notice of cancellation.
  3. The fairs feature exclusively products which have been handmade and/or designed by the stallholder (exceptions to this rule will be made clear in event information)
  4. We do not accept bought-in products except where we are featuring art and craft supplies or where we have specified in event information.
  5. The fairs are curated. Stallholders will be selected based on quality of design, craftspersonship, and products which fit with our overall brand. Application does not guarantee a place. We will let you know whether or not your application has been successful.
  6. If you do not get accepted this is not necessarily a reflection of your work. It could be due to lack of space, that we have multiple applications showing similar work, or that you have products that we feel will not be of interest to our customer base.
  7. Stall holders will be required to have Public Liability Insurance and provide evidence of this.
  8. Your application should be accompanied by 3 good quality photographs for use in the selection process, and if successful, in marketing of the events. Applications will not be considered without photographs.
  9. Stallholders will be required to help with publicity of the fair through their own websites and social media channels.  Publicity materials will be provided for this.
  10. Stallholders are given a place at the fair according to the products they have applied with.  If you wish to bring anything for sale that varies from the brand and products that you have told us about, please talk to us before the fair, so that we can ensure we have a good balance of products and types of crafts at the fair.  (For example: If you add a new design of earrings to your jewellery collection, don’t contact us.  If you add jewellery to your range of existing scarves, do.  If you do print and jewellery, let us know at the outset when you apply.)
  11. Design@HEART is a friendly event with co-operation between stallholders and the organisers providing excellent customer care to stallholders.  We encourage people to help one another, to be respectful of the venue, customers and each other and to practice fairness, equality and respect to all.  We’ve never had any course for action so far, and we don’t expect to every have to do this, but we reserve the right to ask any stallholder behaving disrespectfully, violently, or in a way that harms stallholders, venue staff, or customers to leave.
  12. The organiser assumes the right to cancel your place should you not abide by these Terms.
  13. SPECIAL TERMS DURING THE CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC:  We fully expect “lockdown”  to have been removed by the Autumn, but in the unlikely case that we are still in lockdown and the fair has to be cancelled the following terms apply:
    • If it is possible to predict a lockdown in the month preceding the date of the fair, the fair will be cancelled and all stallholders will receive a full refund.
    • If a further unpredicted lockdown is put in place closer to the fair date, and bills such as venue fee and publicity materials printing have been paid, all efforts will be made to return as much of the stallholders’ fees as is possible as soon as possible, and an arrangement to refund the remaining  when possible.
      • Please understand that these refunds will be made at the expense of the organisers receiving payment for work already done, and that organises will experience the same loss of income as other stallholders in terms of sales.  It may not be possible for the venue fee to be refunded immediately or at all, so there may be a considerable length of time before full refunds can be made.
  14. By paying your stall fee you agree to these terms.



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