Frequently Asked Questions


Are your fairs exclusively handmade?

Unless we state otherwise on the individual fair information, yes we pick stallholders who’s products are all handmade by them, or designed by them. We do not have stalls of mass produced goods.

I have a small franchise selling cosmetic products.  It is my own business.  Can I have a stall at your fair?

If your products are manufactured by you and you have the appropriate insurance and abide by the legal requirements of your products then yes.  If your products are manufactured by another firm then no.  Even though the business is yours, your products are not handmade by you, so our fair won’t be the right place for you.

What if I am not successful in my application?

If you’ve applied and not been successful, please don’t take it personally. As this is a small fair in comparison to some, we only have a limited number of places. We choose stallholders that we feel will be a good match to our fairs and to our customers. We take into consideration originality of design, professionality of brand, overall look of stalls.

Can I sell alcoholic products at your fairs?

You can sell products containing alcohol if they have below the limit for selling without a license.  Although the premises are licensed to sell alcohol, this only covers their own sales.  You cannot sell alcohol to drink on the premises, even if you have your own license as this would be in conflict of the interests of the venue and our arrangement with them.

We are raising money for our community group and would like to have a stall to sell our handmade products.

While we are aware that many handmade community products are of extremely high standard, this fair is not necessarily the right place for your stall.  Our fairs are aimed at professional artists, designers and craftspeople who make their living selling their products.  We aim to give space to those professionals.  However, there are some opportunities at the HEART Centre that may be of interest to you so please do keep an eye out for events that might be appropriate for your group.

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