Public Liability Insurance

To hold a stall at our events (and many other craft fairs and events) you are required to hold Public Liability Insurance. This covers you for injury or damage caused by or in connection to your business.

The chances that you will cause lasting damage to someone are of course on the whole fairly minimal, but the way I think about it is that if someone did trip over my stall and break their neck, they might want to take me to court in order to claim enough money for their health care needs, so I would rather pay a few quid a year than have to sell my house, and my CDs and my guitars and my soul to pay for that. It’s the responsible thing to do – for you, your family, and for your customers. Get yourself some insurance !

Here’s a handy guide to how you might need to be covered from Nicola Smith over at A Handcrafted Business

And a blog with some links to insurance companies here .

Some people have their Public Liability Insurance through their membership of A-N Artists Information Company. If you meet their criteria for membership this provides good insurance cover at a very good price.