Stall Design

We want our events to look and feel as exciting and lovely as possible, and we look for stallholders who have a coherent collection of products, and a clear brand.  The way you show off  your products is as much a part of your brand as your products.  We understand though that it might be a new skill to some of you, and we encourage you  to turn your designer-minds to your stalls. If you are new to selling at fairs, here’s some tips:

Tips and suggestions:

It doesn’t have to be expensive, you don’t need to splash out on any special equipment.

Design: Does your stall design reflect your brand and your product?  Will it attract your ideal customer – the ones that will buy your product?  Does it show off  products at their best?  If you are short on ideas try doing a search on Pinterest for “craft stall design”, and get some inspiration.  Remember, what works for one brand, might not work for another.  If your customers are likely to be minimalist clean lines type people, don’t display your goods on a cluttered “rustic” looking stall!

Looking good: Use a clean, ironed cloth to cover your table. Think about the colour and texture of the cloth: does it “go” with your products, does it say what you want it to say.

Height: display things at different heights to attract the attention of customers. If you have shelves to use, then that’s great, but many of us started out by upturning the boxes we transported our products in and covering them with a cloth.

Think about lighting: The lighting in the HEART venue is excellent, but if you want to highlight a particular small piece of jewellery for instance, you might want to invest in some small spotlights that can clip on to your display or be freestanding. Remember, if they are mains operated, you’ll need to get them PAT tested, and you will need to request access to a power point.

Stall signage: Have your company’s name on display. Some people like to hang a banner on the front of their table, but consider whether this will be seen in a crowded room ? Do you need a sign on your stall?

Business Cards: Think about those customers that might not be quite ready to buy today. Make sure you have a good supply of professional looking business cards, that compliment your brand and product.

Are you tidy? Think about the message you want to give about your brand, product and professionalism, and the confidence you want to inspire in your customers. How tidy is your stall ? How tidy are you? Is it right for your product ?

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