Stall Holders

Welcome to Design @ HEART.

We’re a small company with big ambitions: to promote and showcase the outstanding design talent we have here in Yorkshire.  Each event brings together a variety of crafts, arts and products, and stallholders are selected for their originality and quality.

We understand the importance of events where artists and craftspeople are able to sell without being under-cut by bought in products and cheap imports, so we only accept handmade products.  We want to customers to come, browse, buy your products.  We don’t want to distract them with things they could buy on the high street, or activities for children or tombola stalls!  There’s a place for all those things, but it’s not what we do!

Our events are all at the HEART Centre in Headingley, Leeds.  The centre has a fabulous cafe and bar.  The building is very accessible for people with mobility impairments.  HEART is a busy place with lots of local users and customers, many of whom are regular customers at our fairs.

If you are interested in having a stall at one of our fairs, please browse our Stallholder pages.

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